Thank-you for your fun program!  We've used it every year for several years now!

Kay, Beta Club, Tennessee.

   COMPUTER FUN'S fund-raiser was a smashing success. It was much fun plus easy to organize and profitable. Much thanks.

Pauline, National Honor Society, Ohio.

   Students had a great time with this fundraiser.  The results were entertaining and it was so EASY for me!

Amy, Student Council, Texas.

   The COMPUTER FUN program was very successful in our school.  We sold the letters for four days and sold many more than expected!  Thank-you.

Ellen, Student Council Advisor in Pennsylvania.

   Your program was very successful at our school.  Thank-you for all your extra help.

Debi, Student Council, West Virginia.

   Wow!! We didn't expect such excitement.  Some students pooh-poohed the concept but when the letters arrived -- the students flocked to our stand. A huge success.

Richard, Business Club, Idaho.

   Thank-you for all your help with the COMPUTER FUN program! It went very well.  The students very much enjoyed the "Least Compatible".

Karen, Cheerleaders, Pennsylvania.

   A GREAT FUNDRAISER!  The best way to make quick money for our class.

Steve, Junior Class, New Jersey.

   COMPUTER FUN was a complete success!  We sold 83% of all letters.  It was very exciting to sell them at the school dance so they could dance with their most compatible matches!

Ron, Student Council, Wisconsin.

   This was such an easy fund raiser and EVERYONE LOVED IT! We are recommending you to nearby schools.

Suzanne, Library Club, Alabama.

   Thanks for the speedy return.  The students really enjoyed it and it was easy to run.  We are looking forward to next year.  Thank-you Joe.

Anna, National Honor Society, New Jersey.

   This is a very easy as well as enjoyable fundraiser.  The process from this effort helped us to provide Christmas for needy children in our community.  Thank-you for the discount.

Melba, Math Club, Arkansas.

   We had such fun!  The students loved the project.  Our fundraiser was for a student who had a brain injury.  We really made a lot of money for the good cause.  Thanks for the discount/gift.

Diane, Student Council, Texas.

   A great success at our school again.  Students like the large printouts with their color. Many keep them for their scrapbooks.

Dottie, Junior Class, California.

   We loved this fundraiser!  It was one of our most successful ever! Thanks for being such a pleasure to work with throughout this process!

Bridger, Senior Class, New York.














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