I enjoy this program because it is a big money maker and relatively easy to do.

Miranda, Pom Pom Squad, Iowa.

    Awesome fundraiser!  Students really enjoyed the experience.

Brian, Newspaper, Georgia

    This was a great fundraiser.  Certainly easier than selling candy.

Debbie, Yearbook, Minnesota.

    This was our first year with this project and it was a huge hit.  We will definitely do it again next year.

Sylvia, Student Government, North Carolina.

    Great fundraiser!  We have been doing this for 7 straight years.  It is a tradition in our school now. The kids look forward to it.

Joan, Key Club, Indiana.

    COMPUTER FUN went great!  Selling was easy and kids really enjoyed their results.  We look forward to doing this again next Valentine's Day.

Erma, National Honor Society, Pennsylvania.

    Our school was very pleased with the program.  It was an easy fund-raiser to run and well received by the students.

Susan, National Honor Society, Massachusetts.

    A great job again!

Kim, FBLA, Arkansas.

    We were, once again, very pleased with the COMPUTER FUN program. Profits were wonderful.

Chris, Student Government, North Carolina.

    It was GREAT!  The students enjoy it every year.  My suggestion: make no changes!

Sally, Student Council, West Virginia.

    Always very popular at our school.  As usual all went well.  See you again next year.

Peggy, Freshman Class, Indiana.

    Our students LOVE the COMPUTER FUN program and it's so easy for our Student Council to run. We will definitely keep doing it!

Cathy, Oklahoma.

    Thank you for a great program.  Our kids loved it.

Amy, Junior Beta Club, Tennessee.

    Thank you very much.  It was a very successful fundraiser.  I look forward to working with you again next year!

Allison, Cheerleading, Louisiana.

    This is one of the greatest and simplest fundraisers I have ever done. This is our fifth year to do this and we hope to continue for years to come. The students love it.

C. Lane, Student Council, Tennessee

    This program helps sell any school dance. We did it after a basketball game. Dances had not been doing very well lately; but we did great because of the program. Thanks for being there for us!

J. Ray, Key Club, Indiana.

    This program was very well organized; Students had great fun opening their results.

L. Remarchuk, Manitoba, Canada

    Good program! Excellent reply time! The sealed forms are wonderful! Easy Money! Look forward to next year.

D. Roberts, Computer Club, Alabama.

    As usual, the computer matching was not only a great fundraiser but also a terrific school spirit activity.

B. Smith, Student Government for Middle School, Maryland.

    We really appreciate your well organized program. Everyone who bought the matches had a good laugh. You have an awesome program!

T. Johnson, Junior Class, Montana

    We had used a different program in the past years, but found your program to be much better. We enjoyed all your extras. We were also impressed with the speed of getting the results returned to us. We will definitely use you next year!

 M. Earnest, Student Council, Ky.

    Computer fun was a huge success and tons of fun for all the students! The results were beautifully decorated and I really appreciated the fast turnaround service. Very stress free!

A. Ranlin, Student Council, Ontario, Canada.

    When I see the hassles other sponsors have to put up with to have a fundraiser successful to the extent ours is, I just have to laugh. Boxes of candy stacked from floor to ceiling? No way. One little box and a couple of days work and the Computer Fun program runs itself.

Ted, Newspaper Staff, Florida,

    This was the most incredibly easy and fun money maker we've ever done - It was the talk of the school. Your Corn was great to work with - Always answered the phone "in person" and were very helpful with our questions; returned the results in time and created a "no way to lose" proposition!

S. Stuart, French Club, Missouri.

    Everything worked perfectly! The helpful hints helped tremendously. We sold them for $1.50 each and made a great profit. The kids loved it and it was one of the easiest fundraiser ever.

E. Bounds, Student Council, Texas.

    The program worked really well for us. We used the most compatible boy and girl in an interesting way - The #1 person in each category was the Queen and King of our Sweetheart Dance.

Andrea Higgins, Student Government, Maryland.

    This was a great fundraiser for our school! We ran this just before our spring semi-formal and senior prom with hopes of helping kids find dates. It really worked well in "breaking the ice!" Hope to do this in the fall and definitely for next year's proms again. Thanks for the great service!!

Nancy, Cheerleaders, Connecticut.

    We sold 86% - Wow! The whole school had a blast. Everyone got involved. I recommend it to all schools, large or small!

M. Craft, Sophomore Class, Kentucky.


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