Decide if you want to offer the "HEART-TO-HEART" questionnaire for couples.  COMPUTER FUN

recognizes that some students do not want to participate in the regular program because they have a boyfriend or girlfriend -- this option is for them.


      This program should be advertised separately and couples should fill out these questionnaires during lunch hour or before/after school.  Note the HEART-TO-HEART questionnaire is #4 in the school packet.  Our charge is $2 for each couple; we recommend that you charge $4. 


      EACH PERSON RECEIVES a 3-page printout which describes where they are compatible, where they are not compatible and their rate of compatibility.  This is done in a very positive manner -- there are recommendations for discussing the areas of disagreement.   PLEASE STAPLE COUPLES' TWO ANSWERS SHEETS TOGETHER.  Please note the example of this printout below the questionnaire.



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to print Heart To Heart questionnaire

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E-MAIL US AT:    Joe@Computer-Fun.Com

OR CALL US AT: (614) 973-9165 or (740) 830-6715.


The printout is on an attractive 8 ½ x 11 inch sheet of paper.

We recommend that schools fold this sheet in half with only the name and grade showing at the top before selling.



The process form allows you to communicate to us which program and program options you have chosen.  Send the process form along with the answer sheets.


Each order must contain a process form.





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