We provide three different College Questionnaires for you to choose.  The College Questionnaires are geared towards the interests of college students.

    If you wish, you can change some of the questions by cutting and pasting from the other questionnaires OR, you can go to "CREATE YOUR OWN QUESTIONNAIRE" and make a questionnaire from the questions which you select.

Questionnaires in PDF format

The following Questionnaires require Adobe Acrobat Readertm in order to be viewed.  Please click here to download the FREE software.

Click Here
to print Questionnaire 1

click on a picture to enlarge

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to print Questionnaire 2

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E-MAIL US AT:    Joe@Computer-Fun.Com

OR CALL US AT  (614) 973-9165 or (740) 830-6715.

The printout is on an attractive 8 ½ x 11 inch sheet of paper.

We recommend that schools fold this sheet in half with only the name and grade showing at the top before selling.


The process form allows you to communicate to us which program and program options you have chosen.  Send the process form along with the answer sheets.


Each order must contain a process form.




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